I am someone who looks at the world and thinks, ‘this could be a better place if people took the time to respect and understand one another’. As someone who has grown up ‘a bit odd’ in a number of ways, my life’s journey has so far taken me through many interesting situations, and also many more everyday situations that become unusual and interesting just because the standard rules don’t always apply for me.

Because I have a deep desire for others to understand and accept me, I am driven to learn about how other people tick and view their own worlds. Almost everyone has something about themselves that is slightly unusual, and I want to understand how this affects their life so that I can help them to accept themselves and celebrate their individuality.

The way I have chosen to achieve this is by ranting about my life through this blog (yay!) I haven’t told my friends and family and I don’t intend them to find out, as they have their own problems to deal with and don’t need to worry about mine (which can look scary at face value, but are reasonably manageable to me after a lifetime of dealing with them). That being said, it really does help me, having an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and a receptive and supportive audience.

My blog is all about sharing the things that you can’t usually talk about, and finding people with similar experiences so that you can know that you are not alone, and that you can be proud of who you are in spite of  and because of  your differences.

For more information about me and why I write this blog, check out my introductory post: silentlyqueer: Who am I and why am I here?




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