a deep and meaningful about seasons

Today’s post is in resposnse to this daily prompt about seasons turning.

Summer is for socialising

Summer is easily my favourite season. For me, summer is about warmth and comfort. It is beaches and parks and having fun outside with friends. Summer always seems so colourful because the brighter light makes the colours so much clearer and more real. The increased sensory input during this time makes me feel so much more alive than at other times of the year that I can happily deal with the sudden abundance of biting insects and the necessary daily application of sunblock. Summer is carefree and easy. Summer is for socialising.

Autumn is for appreciating

Autumn closely follows summer as my second favourite season. Autumn is better suited to my introverted nature as it encourages inner peace and reflection. All around, birds and insects start to quieten down. The light fades earlier, the sun rises later, and leaves start to change colour and fall off trees. Autumn is a symbol of the changing seasons, a gentle reminder to appreciate the warmth and the beauty of the outside world while it lasts, and a trigger for memories of all the autumns I’ve had. Looking back and reflecting brings nostalgia and also pride for how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown. Autumn is inner joy and childlike wonder of the world. Autumn is for appreciating.

Winter is for waiting

I don’t like winter. Winter, to me, is cold and dark. It is sad and it is lonely. It is sitting inside by myself without even insects to keep me company. But most of all, winter is struggling. It is fighting against the elements, fighting to stay warm, to keep on top of illness, fighting to get rooms and laundry and shoes to dry. Winter is a test of your ability to survive while you wait for it to be done and gone. The only things that get you through the harshness of winter are the warm meals, the fire in the fireplace, and spending the long cold nights with family. Winter is a test of endurance. Winter is for waiting.

Spring is hope

Spring is a pretty miserable season really. It’s wet and rainy and full of pollen and hayfever. But spring is precious because it marks the end of winter. Spring lets you know the cold and dark is finally over and you’ve made it through. Spring shows you that the worst is behind you and things are going to get better from now on. Spring also brings the idea of a fresh start and new beginnings. Everywhere around you, baby animals are being born and new leaves and blossoms are growing on trees. I myself am a spring baby, so spring marks the beginning of a new year for me. Spring is starting again. Spring is hope.

What this means to me

The turning of the seasons is just one of many many cyclic occurences present throughout the natural world. Cycles such as this are so important because they are constantly changing and reminding us that nothing stays the same, nothing lasts forever. The seasons are a reminder to appreciate what you have while it lasts, and to not get too hung up on the negatives in your life because, like everything else, even those will come to pass. They tell me that it is important to forge ahead while the tides are with me, but that it’s also okay to give in and go with the flow when the tides turn against me.

The only thing certain in this life is change, constant and endless. It can be beautiful and it can be heartbreaking, but in the end it is change that allows us to live and grow in this incredible world in which we live.

What do the changing seasons mean to you? 



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